Neupotz, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany

The village of Pfotz was first mentioned in 1270. In 1522 the shores of the old fishing village of Pfotz were washed away when a dam was built near Jockgrim, causing the Rhine to change course. In 1535 the inhabitants of Pfotz built a new village on the western boundary of the district called Neupfotz. The name comes from the Latin purteus , […]

Europe 1848 Timeline

My ggg grandfather Tobias Ambre Ohmer left Neupotz, Germany in 1851 for unknown reasons. The following timeline is presented in hopes of providing some clues toward finding out just why he migrated to the U.S. 1846-1849: Economic depression was spread throughout Europe. It was marked by rising food prices after a poor harvest and the recession that […]

History of Assumption Parish

This material was taken from the Inventory of the Parish Archives of Louisiana, No. 4 Assumption Parish (Napoleonville), prepared by the Louisiana Historical Records Survey, Service Division, Works Projects Administration, sponsored by The Department of Archives, L.S.U., Dr. Edwin A. Davis, Archivist, and co-sponsored by the Assumption Parish Police Jury. It was published in March […]