1990 Census Data

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1990 Census data on the surname OHMER

The files from the 1990 census data contain four items of data. The four items are:

  1. “Name”
  2. Frequency in percent
  3. Cumulative Frequency in percent
  4. Rank

In the file (dist.all.last) one entry appears as:

(1) OHMER (2) 0.000 (3) 86.713 (4) 55151

In our Search Area sample, OHMER ranks 55151th in terms of frequency. 86.713% of the sample population is covered by OHMER and 55150 names occur more frequently than OHMER. The surname, OHMER, is possessed by 0.000 percent of our population sample.

One comment to 1990 Census Data

  • joseph E ohmer  says:

    I’m very interested in learning my ancestry as to where my side of the ohmer family originated from and how they came to America. Little is know about the ohmer sir name in Pennsylvania that im aware of . I know my fathers full name and my grandfathers and grandmother’s married name name but thats is about it.. i would love to learn more and find my roots and ancestry of the ohmer family .

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