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It is believed that all OHMERs are descendants of Peter Aumer who was born in Steinweiller about 1630. The first five generations have been reconstructed by Gerard Ohmer which include about 37 OHMERs born through the period of about 1785. OHMERs have been found in France, Germany, Holland, with descendants of various lineage’s in the United States including Louisiana; Michigan; St. Louis, Missouri; Cincinnati, Ohio; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Alaska.
The German OHMERs are known to come from two areas in Europe. One is in and around Herxheim, Germany which is in the Palatine, close to the Alsace-Baden border. The other area is about 60 miles to the southwest in Lorraine, France, a few miles west of Sarrebourg (Saerburg)...

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Origins of the OHMER surname

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By Gerard E. Ohmer – from his OHMER Genealogy book



What does the OHMER name mean?

  • from an agent derivative of Middle High German ?ame?ome ‘standard measure’, hence an occupational name for someone who checked and sealed weights and measures.
  • (Öhmer): topographic name (mostly Swiss), for someone who lived or owned a farm in a wider, flat part of a valley, a variant of Ebner.
  • status or occupational name from Middle High German ebenære ‘arbitrator’, ‘judge’.

Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

Is there a basis for the OHMER name? The information is neither definitive nor satisfactory...

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