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Chapter 7 – Emigration

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Emigration is part of the population development. 491 Neupotzers left their village in the 19th century and mainly looked for a new home in America.

Helmut Sittinger from Leimersheim, a good expert on the emigration movement in general, was personally in America, visited the descendants of the emigrants, and also has the emigration from Neupotz processed. I put his report verbatim in our home book:

Emigration in the 19th century

“The neighbors gathered early. The loaded cart tumbled out of the gate. Mother and Gretl sat on the large chest, a colorfully painted heirloom. As they climbed up, Schorsch (a nickname for Georg) came and gave Gretl a bouquet.  She uttered a heart-breaking hiccoughing sob...

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