Bayou Chene, Assumption Parish, Louisiana

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My father grew up in a house boat, which was built by my grandfather Philip Columbus Ohmer. Below is a model my uncle Cleveland Ohmer made of his childhood home. My grandparents and 6 (at that point) children lived in that simple 3-room home. He shared how he remembered his father getting up and starting the wood stove, fixing coffee, and waking the children. The boat tied behind was used for everyday travel, fishing and trapping. Eventually, this houseboat was pulled onto the family property in Amelia, Louisiana – my uncle Cleveland added onto it and raised his family in it.

A model of the houseboat my father grew up in on Bayou Chene, near Amelia, Louisiana.

My father told me how he’d take a boat to school, since he lived on house boat that no road could reach. The following is a story about the history of that boat and the children it carried.

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