It is believed that all OHMERs are descendants of Peter Aumer who was born in Steinweiller about 1630. The first five generations have been reconstructed by Gerard Ohmer which include about 37 OHMERs born through the period of about 1785. OHMERs have been found in France, Germany, Holland, with descendants of various lineage’s in the United States […]

Neupotz, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany

The village of Pfotz was first mentioned in 1270. In 1522 the shores of the old fishing village of Pfotz were washed away when a dam was built near Jockgrim, causing the Rhine to change course. In 1535 the inhabitants of Pfotz built a new village on the western boundary of the district called Neupfotz. The name comes from the Latin purteus , […]

Origins of the OHMER surname

By Gerard E. Ohmer – from his OHMER Genealogy book in FRANCE | GERMANY | HOLLANDLOUISIANA | MICHIGAN | MISSOURI | OHIO | PENNSYLVANIA | ALASKA What does the OHMER name mean? Is there a basis for the OHMER name? The information is neither definitive nor satisfactory. Quite understandably my contacts have frequently asked concerning the origin or meaning of the OHMER name. Neither the origin nor meaning of the name […]