Andoni Omer, 1656

Birth about 1656

Birth of a daughterAnne Marie Ohmer
about 1676 (aged 20 years)
Birth of a daughterChristine Ohmer
about 1678 (aged 22 years)
Birth of a sonAntoine Ohmer
about 1686 (aged 30 years)
Birth of a sonJean-Georges Ohmer
1689 (aged 33 years)
Birth of a sonSebastien Ohmer
about 1691 (aged 35 years)
Birth of a daughterAppolonie Ohmer
about 1693 (aged 37 years)
Marriage of a childJean MurbackChristine OhmerView this family
January 28, 1698 (aged 42 years)
Marriage of a childAndre SchmittAnne Marie OhmerView this family
April 22, 1698 (aged 42 years)
Marriage of a childAntoine OhmerJeanne DessaireView this family
August 3, 1706 (aged 50 years)
Marriage of a childSebastien OhmerClaire GuntzerView this family
about 1710 (aged 54 years)

Marriage of a childJean Adam HauerAppolonie OhmerView this family
February 17, 1711 (aged 55 years)
Marriage of a childJean-Georges OhmerChristine MesnerView this family
before 1714 (aged 58 years)
Marriage of a childSebastien OhmerAnna Maria BonvaletView this family
November 22, 1729 (aged 73 years)
Marriage of a childAntoine OhmerCatherine HafferView this family
September 25, 1736 (aged 80 years)
Death of a sonJean-Georges Ohmer
October 24, 1738 (aged 82 years)
Death of a sonAntoine Ohmer
November 23, 1759 (aged 103 years)
Andoni Omer + … …
3 years
9 years
Birth: about 1686 30Lorraine, FRN
Death: November 23, 1759Gosselming, 57930, Moselle, Lorraine, FRANCE
4 years
Birth: 1689 33Langatte, Moselle, Lorraine, FRN
Death: October 24, 1738Langatte, Moselle, Lorraine, FRN
3 years
3 years

The name OHMER first appears in Lorraine, France in the late 17th century and in the Pfalz in the middle of the 17th century. In Lorraine the earliest known ancestor of the Lorraine branch is this Andoni OMER, as witness at his son Antoine's marriage. In the Pfalz, the progenitor is Peter AUMER who appears as Peter OHMER in the Speyer taufbuch (death book) in 1699. Peter AUMER could be the father, uncle, brother or cousin of Andoni OMER. The name, AUMER, appears earlier in Bavaria as AUMEIER. There is a Laurentius AUMEIER recorded in 1294. Sources: Pérès and Pfrunner.